Humber Triathletes are a small select group of triathletes based within East Yorkshire. We have members from all backgrounds and experiences who all have the aim of improving themselves and promoting the sport of triathlon to the local community.


The club was founded by British Age Group Triathletes Graeme Wrightson and Craig Lane with the idea of using their knowledge and experience to help develop the sport within the East Riding. With a small yet dedicated club Humber Triathletes are now putting their skills and knowledge together to provide fun, friendly and accessible duathlons, triathlons and running events.


If  you would like to apply to be a member, support us or just find out more about the club, triathlon or other multi sport events please get in touch or scroll down below to join.



Humber Triathletes are a select and dedicated group of athletes from around the Humber region. We all have different experiences, strengths, ambitions and goals yet we train and support each other as a team. Click below to join today!

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